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ABOUT Makara

(Stephen J. Hopson)

On May 25, 2017 through spirit and two lovely awakened souls, Stephen J. Hopson was gifted with a spiritual name "Makara."   In Sanskrit it means 1/2 sea creature (i.e. dolphin) and 1/2 terrestrial.  The word "extra" was liberally added to that to become 1/2 extraterrestrial (i.e. not of this world!).   The moment "Makara" was spoken, it fit like a glove!  ​

Makara is a magnet for expanded consciousness.  With the assistance of the dolphins and ascended masters, he helps others expand their concept of reality by showing them how to radically shift their perceptions.

One of his skills is the ability to "see" and "hear" others.  People often tell him he hears better than those with perfect hearing, which is ironic because Makara has been deaf since birth!


How may Makara be of service?

Reiki Healing Session in Mt Shasta

Watch a dolphin play with a cute little doggie in the ocean!!

Awaken to Your True Potential Retreat
Private One on one Retreat
Awaken to Your True Potential Group Work
Wild dolphins in Hawaii
Makara teaching Awaken to Your True Potential